What is Micromouse?

The goal of Micromouse is to build a small robot that can autonomously solve a 16x16 maze. It is a worldwide competition, and it is one of IEEE-UCR's biggest projects. Here at UCR, we host Micromouse workshops which teach Arduino, basic C programming, soldering, and how to use all the parts that are needed to build a Micromouse. Micromouse is a beginner project, so it is open to everyone, regardless of experience or major, and we encourage anyone who is interested to join!


The purpose of the Micromouse robotics competition is for students to build and design a miniature mobile wheeled robot to autonomously solve a 16x16 foot maze (with 7x7 inch cells) in the fastest time possible.

When designing their Micromouse robots, students must take the concepts taught to them in class:

•signal processing

•control theory

•circuit design

•software algorithms

and apply them to create a competitive-worth robot. From conceptual design of the robot to having it autonomously move in the maze, students will obtain valuable multi-disciplinary engineering knowledge from Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering.

The Competition

Here is a picture all the mice! As you can see, each mouse is unique, just like its creator! Although a Micromouse may just look like a collection of wires, the way each person designs his mouse says a little something about him!

The Lineup

Want to participate?

The IEEE Student Organization provides weekly robotics workshops to teach beginner students the necessary skills to succeed as a robotics engineer. If you are interested in participating, please emailieeeucr@gmail.com or contact the 2019 IEEE Robotics Coordinators: Ratnodeep Bandyopadhyay (rband003@ucr.edu) and Dylan McGee (rmcge002@ucr.edu)

For the updated workshop schedule, please check our calendar